We pride ourselves in keeping a very clean and healthy training environment - for the dogs AND the humans!  

Vaccines Required For Class:

  • Distemper / Parvo series
  • Rabies
  • Negative fecal for intestinal parasites
  • Heartworm preventative
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) and Lyme vaccines are optional

PLEASE NOTE:  You should definitely not wait until your puppy has completed his puppy vaccine series to begin training!  The risk of behavioral issues developing is just too great.  Typically, a puppy completes vaccines right between 4-5 months old.  Waiting until then to begin training means you've missed out on some important prime socialization/learning time!

And for the humans........

We realize people get sick!  Missing class is NOT the end of the world.  We would rather you respectfully keep your runny nose, cough and upset stomach at home!  If you need to miss a class because you are sick, you have two options:

  • We will happily spend a few minutes at the next scheduled class to catch you up or.....
  • You can schedule a discounted private training class with us

We will always update on the Obedience Dynamics Facebook Page anything you need to know!  

It's a great idea to "like" the page and turn on notifications to be sure you don't miss anything.  

With multiple classes/students each day, it's difficult to call or text each of you individually.....and things happen!  If class is cancelled due to weather conditions or for any other reason, it will be announced ONLY on the Facebook page.



Dogs that show ANY signs of aggression towards other dogs or humans are not good candidates for a group class.  We rely on you to be very honest with us during our phone conversation to enroll your dog and we need to know any concerns you might have.  

Should your dog exhibit questionable behavior at any time during class, we will have to excuse you.  You will have the choice to move into private training (at an additional cost).

Missing Class, Cancellations & Refunds

When you reserve your spot in a class, you are committing to a specific day & time for a number of consecutive weeks.  Once class has started, there are NO REFUNDS.

If you should need to cancel a week, as stated above we will work with you at the next scheduled class to catch you up or you may schedule a discounted private training class with us.

It's a very rare occasion that we have to cancel a class, but if the weather gets nasty, we'd rather have you stay home and safe.  Should this ever happen, we tack on a week to your class so you don't miss out on a thing!

General Stuff

Obedience Dynamics is located in a residential area.  My neighbors are VERY patient with my career and I try to be VERY respectful of them!  

When you arrive for class, I ask that you park in the street directly in front of my home or across the street in front of the senior apartment complex.  I ask that you PLEASE do not park in front of any neighboring homes - they use those spots!


  • We are very close to West Rd.  Before opening the car door to let your dog out, please make sure he's collared, leashed and you're ready for him!  (I've spent way too much time on dog's that have run off from the car!)
  • If you feel like your dog needs to "walk off some energy" before class, please do that at home just before you come here.  A little exercise before you come can help lower energy/excitement/stress levels and that will help your dog focus better!
  • When you arrive, please walk up the driveway and through the privacy gate that will be propped open for you.  (If the gate is closed, there's a reason....just hang tight in your car until you see it opened!)  
  • When you arrive, PLEASE don't let your dog potty out front!  There is plenty of room in the back area for that and I will show you the potty area our first evening together. (Please always bring a bag with you in case, know!)  
  • Class time isn't play time!  Although we encourage socialization, we want to make sure it's done right!  Just because your dog doesn't mind an in-yo-face greeting from another dog, doesn't mean everyone's dog doesn't mind.  What could be all good for one dog could bring on trouble for another.
  • Absolutely no retractable leashes!  Please have your dog on a 4 or 6ft long leash.
  • It's good practice not to feed your dog his meal right before class.  
  • cell phones during class.  Unless, of course, you're going to snap some pictures to post!